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Filming A Documentary

After some discussion during our club time the children have decided that they would like to film a documentary about the charities which Whitefield Supports. They have called themselves Docokids and designed a logo for this.  They have also identified the features of documentaries and the roles and responsibilities which needed to make their project a success.  

After researching both charities online the decision was taken to start filming today (17th January 2014) during our Superhero Day to raise maney for the Katie Holmes Trust.

The children have interviewed other children, Mrs. Foster and the School Council and are looking forward to seeing each others work during our next session.


We are also due to be visited by Mrs. Day from the Lancashire Evening Post in the next few weeks to learn about interview techniques.


Watch this space to find out how we get on.


Film Club is a government funded club supported by designed to improve children's writing through the media of film.  The children watch films and review them on line on the film Club website, where they can read other children's reviews.  You can click on the link below to take you to this site.

Film club starts on Thursday 7th November in room 3/4 SAS with Mrs. Smith.  The children may bring a drink and a snack for during the film.

Trip to the Odeon cinema 

On Friday 25th October the Whitefield Watchers were treated to a free showing of Hotel Transylvania at the Odeon cinema on Preston Docks.  This was thanks to the National Youth Film Festival and meant that we spent a relaxing morning watching a great film!

The children from years four and five were brilliantly behaved and are looking forward to writing their first review of the this space!

Prize for the best Review

The children have been asked to write a review over half term and bring to our first club meeting.  The best review will receive this amazingly scary prize...

I thought it was in keeping with the film!

What to include in a Film Review

  • A brief outline of the plot and any message or moral that you think it has.
  • Your favourite scene or character.
  • An explanation of why this was you favourite character or scene.
  • A comment about the soundtrack.
  • Who you think the film would be good for and why.
  • A star rating out of 5.

Happy writing!

Hotel Transylvania Competition Winners

As I found it very difficult to choose between two of the reviews I decided to make a second prize!  


First prize goes to Stuart 5JH who's review is below...


Hotel Transylvania


I enjoyed this film about a hotel where monsters will be safe from humans which is run by Count Dracula.


In this film the Count is trying to protect his 118 year old daughter from humans, he does this by creating a fake human village that she can visit. But one day a real human unexpectedly walks into the hotel after climbing up the mountain. So Dracula has to get him away from the hotel before his daughter sees him but his plan doesn’t work.


I think the humour is brilliant and I particularly like the scene where Dracula and the human are on the magic flying tables but there are some not so good parts as well. For example, the songs are a bit cheesy and there is quite a lot of kissing between the daughter and the human visitor. I also think that the film appeals to grown ups and children because the adults think of it from the scary side and the children think of it from the funny side.


Over all I think this film is great for 7 to 10 year olds because of the humour but if you have a sensitive child then wait until they are a bit older before you watch the film because the Count can be a bit scary sometimes.


The final thing I am going to say is that this is one of the best films (animated) that I have ever seen.


By Stuart Rushton.



Second Prize went to Aimee 3/4SAS who wrote...


Hotel Transylvania - Film Review

By Aimee Campy


Today  was  a  brilliant day,  the  day  when  me  and my  friends  went  on  a  trip  to  the  cinema with Film Club  to  watch  Hotel  Transylvania. It was mindblowing, absolutly outstanding are the words that I  give you. Now I should really get on  with  the  story.

It all began in a deep, dark ,misty wood where the creatures crawled the dead and where the monsters lived  in....... Hotel Transylvania which is owned by Dracula.

Monsters from all over the world come to visit the Hotel Transylvania.

The  story  begins on Mavises  118th  birthday  sounds old,  huh.  Dracula, Mavises dad invites lots of famous monsters for example, Frankenstein, and the invisible man. There is also an unexpected guest, the type that had never been before, it was a human named Jonathan! .

 Mavis was desperate to go out into the real world and on her birthday Dracula let her leave the hotel to explore but he tricked her by making a fake village with zombies dressed as humans  which would make her want to return to the Hotel forever and make her think that the humans were horrible.

Mavis returned to the hotel not knowing Dracula had seen everything that had happened at the fake village.She apologised and went downstairs to see what everybody else was doing. Then in the blink of an eye a human walked straight into the hotel (Johnathan). So as quick as a flash, with out anybody knowing Dracula went into a room with the human and made him look like Frankenstein. He called him Johnystein.

At the end of the story Mavis and Johnystein fall in love and go to a paradise of their own.

My favourite part of the film is when Frankenstein jumps off a really tall monster and when he lands in the pool his body splits apart.  I like this part because I likethe effects when this happens,  it makes it funny to watch.

I think that the moral of this story is that your parents are just trying to protect you from the big wide world.

The soundtrack in the film is outstanding. There is lots of good music but my favourite track is called  Problem (the monster remix) by Becky G and

I think that that this film would be good for both adults and children age 4 and over because it is interesting and there is always something going on.

I think that this fim is incredible and I would give it four stars.



I'm sure you will agree that both of these reviews are great and give other club members a good idea of what to do for our next review.