Special Educational Needs and Disability

We understand that some children may experience greater difficulty in learning than others at some time during their school career. If this happens we will provide additional help and support. We will discuss this with parents and devise an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) for the child. These are reviewed with parents/carers and children three times a year. The process for meeting children’s Special Educational Needs must be flexible so that all needs can be recognised and met. Depending on the category of Special Educational Needs, other professionals such as those from the Health Service may be involved in supporting the child. The school employs the services of specialist teachers to offer support and advice for those children needs are being met through additional funding.

Mrs Adams is the school’s Inclusion Manager.

Our school governor with responsibility for Special Educational Needs is Dr Sarah Penman.

Our process follows guidelines in the “Special Educational Needs Code of Practice”. This follows several stages, initially school based and then involving external specialists if required.


School Action

Where a child’s needs are met within school but with provision that is different from or additional to what is received by the child’s peers.

School Action Plus

Where outside support is sought and provided.


Where a child receives support of Special Educational Needs which is not within the normal school provision.


In practice most children’s needs are met within School Action and School Action plus. Liaison with parents plays an important part in the process for meeting children’s Special Educational Needs. We value the help that parents can give us and appreciate them sharing any problems a child may have had previously or during their time with us.  Should a parent have concerns about the progress of their child, they should discuss them with the class teacher.  If there continues to be a concern then this will be brought to the attention of the Inclusion Manager.

 A copy of the full SEND policy is available on this website.

The school has access to various organisations that can offer additional support to parents of children with Special Educational Needs. A great deal of help is available from the Local Education Authority, Social Services and the Health Service but families are sometimes unsure where to turn to or who to ask for help beyond the school. The Lancashire Parent Partnership offers an independent, impartial and confidential service and is an independent organisation that ensures that parents are kept fully informed of the services and options open to them. They can be contacted on 0845 6014284, email sen.info@ed.lancscc.gov.uk. Their website is www.lancspp.org.uk