Curriculum Overviews

At Whitefield we follow the statutory National Curriculum for England.

Full information can be found here


Pupils in Early Years foundation stage receive an engaging curriculum based upon the statutory framework for Early years and Foundation stage.

Full information can be found here


In KS1 & KS2, school uses Lancashire Curriculum Development materials which provide a flexible approach to the implementation of the 2014 National Curriculum. They reflect the principles underpinning effective learning that is relevant and purposeful for the 21st Century.

An overview of the themes covered and key learning can be found here


The overview shows the half termly themes and provides a summary of the subject specific content within each, all element of the curriculum are covered and that there is a balance of subjects within and across themes.

Each theme has been constructed to maintain a balance between developing skills and knowledge (key learning) and providing creative and engaging contexts (creative learning opportunities and outcomes).


We follow the locally agreed syllabus for RE, the overview can be found here


School has adopted the Lancashire syllabus for PSHCE, ‘Live Well, Learn Well’.