Mission Statement and Whitefield Promise

At Whitefield, we help our school community to be the best they can be, striving for academic excellence within our safe, happy and positive environment.

We enable self-belief, care and respect for all; learning together to be proud of every achievement reached.

Our school community has agreed on the following core values:

          Aim High        

          Be responsible,

          Care and respect


Based on these core values, we discuss with the children and agree on our class and school rules or code of conduct each term.

Some practical examples of what was decided this year are:


Aim high - always try your best in everything you do, persevere and take part

Be responsible - tell the truth, be responsible for your actions, value people and property, allow others to learn

Caring and respectful - be kind, treat others as you would wish to be treated


The Whitefield Promise was created by the School Council in 2013.  It provides all children with an agreed list of school rules.


We will be kind and helpful


I will be respectful of people and property

Try your  best

Everyone will take responsibility for their own actions


Indoor voices, speaking appropriately

Everyone will walk around school

Listen to others

Do the right thing