Leadership Team

Sarah Foster


Janice Adams

Assistant Head

Vicky King

Assistant Head

Sarah Willers

Assistant Head

Laura Nuttall

Senior Leader

Julie Garry

Business Manager


Mrs Sarah Foster - Headteacher

Mrs Janice Adams - Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Manager

Mrs Sarah Willers - Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader

Miss Vicky King - Assistant Headteacher and Assessment Leader

Miss Laura Nuttall - TLR Greater Depth

Ms Julie Garry - School Business Manager


Class teachers and teaching assistants 2019/20


6ST - Mrs Sarah Tabord (T); Mrs Rachel Whymark (HLTA)

6CG - Mr Chris Ginty (T); Mrs Jancie Bretherton (TA)

5SAS - Mrs Sandra Smith (T); Mrs Christina Roxburgh (TA)

5SK - Mr Simon Keogh (T); Miss Louise Scott (TA)

4HH - Miss Haynes (T) / Mrs Huxtable (T); Mrs Alison McCall (TA)

4AJ - Mr Andy Jackson (T); 

3VK - Miss Vicky King (T); 

3HW - Mrs Helen Williams (T); Mrs Deborah Brown (TA)

2LN - Miss Laura Nuttall (T); Mrs Julia Gordon (TA)

2SW - Mrs Sarah Willers (T); 

1JK - Mrs Julia Kimberley (T); Mrs Sharon Hersee (TA)

1KG - Mrs Kate Ginty (T); Mrs Eunice Morris (TA)

RCM - Miss Caroline Moore (T); Mrs Rachel Ward (TA)

RLW - Miss Lucy Woodworth (T); Miss Natasha Wilkinson

PPA cover - Mrs Janice Adams

                    Mrs Adele Hallsworth

                    Miss Sophie Batey

                    Miss Laura Ashcroft (until October 2019)



Mrs Gill Bearton - Behaviour Support Mentor and TA2

Mrs Martha Allan HLTA/TA3


Mrs Joanne Briggs - TA2



Sports Development

Mr Michael Birchall - TA2 - Sports Development


Business Support

Mrs Julie Garry - School Business Manager

Mrs Sarah Anforth

Mrs Sharon Molloy


Lunchtime Supervision 

Mrs Suzanne Gregory - Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Genny Ewen

Mrs Susan Thorpe

Mrs Bethany Wareing

Mrs Paula Newhouse - Catering Manager

Premises Staff

Mr Peter Newsome - Site Supervisor

Miss Claire Salisbury - Cleaner (on maternity leave)

Mrs Imelda Collins - Cleaner


Playgroup Leader

Mrs Val Newton



Mr Simon Blake - Chair of Governors

Mr Andy Pegg - Vice Chair of Governors

Dr Sarah Penman

Mrs Kami Gandhi

Mrs Kerry Oram

Miss Judith Ward

Mrs Rebecca Caslake

Miss Laura Nuttall

Mrs Janice Adams

Mrs Sarah Foster

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