The children will see our governors in school on a regular basis - they are instantly recognisable by their bright orange lanyard with the word 'governor' on!


The governors come in to school for many reasons.  We meet on a termly basis for three different things - the first meeting is to discuss our school standards and the impact of actions we are putting in place.  The second meeting is to discuss our school finances and everything to do with the school buildings and surrounding premises. The last meeting is a 'full governors' meeting where we meet as a full governing body and review the term and ensure the correct plans are in place for us to continue to move forward.

As well as these meetings, we also have a policy group meeting every term to ensure our school policies are up to date and any changes from Lancashire or the Department for Education have been addressed. And we hold a 'focus group' meeting every term - this meeting allows us to take one area of our school improvement planing and review and discuss it in more detail.


Each of our governors has a different skill set that is beneficial to not only the Headteacher, but the school business manager, the teachers and the children.  These individual governors will be in school throughout the year to work alongside staff and children.


And one of our favourite activities is our governor Q&A session with the children!


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