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School Policies

BOLA Pricing, Booking and Payment Policy          Updated: 02/05/2017     (73 KB)
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy          Updated: 05/01/2017     (172 KB)

Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Policy          Updated: 09/03/2017     (74 KB)
Science Policy          Updated: 09/03/2017     (89 KB)
English Policy          Updated: 09/03/2017     (159 KB)
Maths Policy          Updated: 09/03/2017     (1.18 MB)
RE Policy          Updated: 09/03/2017     (83 KB)
Computing Policy          Updated: 03/03/2016     (90 KB)

Inclusion and Medical Policies

SEND Report          Updated: 19/05/2017     (145 KB)
Advanced, gifted and talented Policy          Updated: 03/03/2016     (44 KB)

Safeguarding Policies

Keeping Children Safe in Education          Updated: 06/06/2017     (330 KB)
Part 1: Information for all school and college staff
Complaints Policy          Updated: 24/02/2017     (114 KB)
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy          Updated: 17/05/2017     (622 KB)
Behaviour Policy          Updated: 06/12/2016     (126 KB)
Parental Behaviour Policy          Updated: 24/11/2016     (87 KB)

Additional Policies

Complaints Policy          Updated: 24/02/2017     (114 KB)
Single Equalities Policy          Updated: 31/01/2017     (125 KB)
Sex and Relationships Policy          Updated: 24/11/2016     (244 KB)


Accompanied Cycling



Care & Control

Charging and Remissions

Collective Worship

Data Protection

Dealing with Medical Needs


Home School Agreement

Safer Working Practice for Adults who work with Children and Young People in Educational Settings

Single Equalities

Volunteers in School