Whitehough updates

Updates from the Year 6 residential at Whitehough!

9 June 2015

Monday 8th June 2015

Well, the all managed to get off ok, after some delays and confusions with the buses!  The staff in school didn't think the buses had arrived and were waiting to see the buses park in the normal place however they had reversed in to the drive so we probably could have left half an hour earlier!  And, the staff were only expecting one bus (as we always have) but two turned up so we had to quickly double up on signage and sick buckets...


48 children and Mrs Willers, Miss Nuttall, Mrs Adams, Miss Ashcroft, Miss McNaughton and our chair of governors Mr Walker all arrived safely at Whitehough at 11am.


Their first task was to carry their suitcases up the huge hill to the activity centre.  The coach can not drive to the centre as the road is so narrow so it's quite a trek to get up there, but they all managed it, along with some huffing, puffing and moaning (from the staff as well as the children!).


Mrs Foster received a text at 10.40pm to say all the children were in bed and 'nearly asleep'...


Mrs Foster will add more here when she receives information from Miss Nuttall.

You can also check out the Whitehough page on Facebook - they usually post pictures of the groups attending each week.


Tuesday 9th June 2015

They have had a great day, the sun has been shining and in the words of Miss Nuttall 'they have been brilliant'!


I have spoken to Miss Nuttall about the lack of pictures on the Whitehough facebook page and she is going to 'sort it'. We have to give permission for Whitehough to say they can put up our photos, which we have done, but they think we haven't!  Miss Nuttall is on the case and I will text you all when we know they are up.