Who is where in September?

The children met with their new class teacher and teaching assistant today! Below is a list of where your children will be moving to in September. The children will be meeting their new class teacher again on Friday 10th July and on Tuesday 21st July.

29 June 2015

Miss Ashcroft's class move to Miss King (1VK)

Miss Woodworth's class move to Mrs Williams (1HW)

Miss King's class move to Mr Jackson (2AJ)

Mrs Williams's class move to Mrs Kimberley (2JK)

Mrs Jackson and Miss Hallsworth's class move to Miss McNaughton (3HM)

Mrs Kimberley's class move to Miss Hallalat (3SH)

Miss McNaughton's class move to Mrs Smith (4SAS)

Mrs Smith's class move to Mrs Huxtable (4AH)


The children in Year 4 and 5 are moving from three classes to four and know their class groups.

Their teachers will either be:

Year 5 - Mrs Adams and Miss Haynes (5AH) or Mr Huntington (5WH)

Year 6 - Mrs WIllers (6SW) or Miss Nuttall (6LN)


Mrs Jackson, Mrs Bushell and Mrs Hallsworth will be providing PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) cover and subject leader release time for teachers throughout school.