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7 July 2015

I know I sent news to you last week but it's such a busy time in school that I need to update you further!


Firstly, as well as our new teachers Mr Jackson and Miss Halalat we welcome four new teaching assistants to school. Miss Wilkinson will be working in Year 1 (she has been with us in Reception and also works in Bola), Mr Birchall will be joining us in Year 3 - he also works in Bola and is really in to his sport!  Mrs Hindle will be working in Year 3 too and Mrs Hersee will be working in Year 4. We will get photos as soon as we can!


An update on Ms Clough - I realised as I was driving in to work this week that our current Reception families won't know Ms Clough very well as she left us in October to go and be an Associate Headteacher at St Thomas's school in St Annes.  Well she has done such a good job over the last two and a half terms that she has been asked to continue her work as an Associate Headteacher at Moor Nook Primary School in Preston.  We know she will be there until at least Christmas and we also know she will do a fantastic job. We will be continuing with our current leadership structure - myself and our three assistant headteachers Mrs Adams, Mrs Willers and Miss King. Also on our leadership team are Ms Garry, our school business manager and Mrs Walker, our pupil support manager.


I had a fantastic treat yesterday when cookery club made me a pizza as a celebration of reaching the end of their cookery course. It was just yummy and I was very impressed!  Thank you to the family members who came to the final session on Tuesday - pictures are going on the website ASAP!


The children will be meeting with their new class teachers again tomorrow. I am sure they will all be ready to impress their teacher! 


Don't forget - it's the seal assembly for the reception families tomorrow (Friday) at 2.30pm.  I am gutted to not be there tomorrow, but Mrs Adams and Mrs Willers will be there for you all.  I was treated to a fabulous rehearsal today though; you need to bring tissues if you are a cryer! I had a few tears of joy and pride.