Homework is set across the school. In setting homework we aim to:

  • Promote positive attitudes to work and school
  • Raise achievement of all pupils
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding in literacy and numeracy and across the curriculum
  • Encourage and develop independent learningIncrease self discipline
  • Develop the home/school partnership
  • Prepare children for secondary transfer in Year 6


A variety of types of homework are used depending on the age and ability of the pupils. These include



Learning spellings, multiplication tables and mental arithmetic tasks

Completion of class work

A piece of research on a familiar or a new topic

Revision for a test

A piece of mathematics, science or English work

Other work agreed with parents



A timetable providing information of curriculum topics is sent out on a termly basis to parents. We also inform parents of when and what kind of homework tasks to expect their child to receive