We follow our vision of HEALTHY, HEARTS, HEALTHY BODIES AND HEALTHY MINDS in everything we do.



Our children will have future aspirations, knowing they can achieve what they wish with a growth mindset, hard work, dedication and a good work ethic.

Our children will embrace all of the Whitefield community, celebrating British Values and the diversity of our community. 

We will respect each other, embracing and celebrating all our differences that make us unique.

Our children will work closely with all members of the Whitefield community and actively contribute to improving our school and local area.

We will work positively together as a team – staff, parents, children, extended families, governor and community.

We will consistently strive to provide the best education for our children.   



Our children will know that keeping their body healthy will help them keep a healthy heart and a healthy mind.

Our children will discover the physical activity that keeps their bodies healthy and develops their love of physical education and sport.

The importance of personal, social and health education will be paramount in everything we do.



Our children will leave Whitefield attaining the highest possible standard they can across all curriculum areas and they will make good progress throughout their school life.  We will consistently be above national standards in reading, writing and maths.

Our children will be ready for any challenges that high school may bring.

Our children will show resilience – they will take risks, they will experience failure and they will bounce back.

Our children will tackle the unknown with awe and wonder.


The leadership of our school will be consistent and allow for all the above to be developed fully.  Governors and senior leaders will challenge each other to ensure decisions are made with the best interests of the children at the heart of the decision making process.  We will be the first choice for parents within our local and extended community.


We will continue along our path to outstanding through positive team work with all our stakeholders and through embracing our Healthy Hearts, Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds vision.