Reception World

What a great morning we have had at our World Cup. Thank you to the year 5 children for organising the games. Here were the winners:

3rd place: Columbia

2nd place: France 

1st place: Uruguay 

Well done to everyone who took part. 


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Garden party

What a lovely afternoon we've had for our garden party. The sun was out and the children loved showing their family how we use our outdoor area. 



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Creepy Crawlies!

We we really enjoyed seeing all the creatures today. Some of us even got to touch them!


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We're going on a minibeast hunt!

The children have been on a minibeast hunt this week in Reception. They explored the Jubilee Gardens to see what bugs we could find. 


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Fun in the mud!

We have been enjoying the mild weather today by splashing in the mud pit. The children loved making mud pies in the kitchen. 



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Food around the world!

Today in Reception we travelled around the world tasting different food. The children had a great time visiting each country and learning something about each one. In Greece we tasted olives and had a go at the Zorba dance. In India we looked at traditional Indian dress and tasted curry and naan…

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Investigation Station!

We have a new 'Investigation Station' in Reception. The past week, we have been investgating how to clean old pennies. We used water and ketchup. We predicted which one we thought would be best (most of us thought water!) and then we tested it. We were amazed to find the ketchup was much better at…

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Balance bikes

Today we had a go on the balance bikes. We practised walking them around the playground until we became more confident. Over the next few weeks, we will be practising different skills on the bikes, developing our balancing skills. 

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Messy art!

We had lots of fun outside today painting fireworks. We love messy art outside! 


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