Y6 Visit from Author Barbara Mitchelhill

Visit From Barbara Mitchelhill

18 May 2016

Our Visit From Barbara Mitchelhill

On Wednesday the 18 th of May a special guest of Billy’s Blitz,

which won the fantastic book awards, came to see year 6. We were

very lucky to have the amazing experience of meeting such a

talented Author.

Firstly she talked us through her inspirational life and how she

became a writer, her first writing job was for children’s telly on

BBC. Next she introduced us too some of her books for example:

Billy’s Blitz, Road to London, Run rabbit run and Twist of fortune.

Her latest book has not been published yet but she briefly talked to

us about it. We asked her a variety of questions, one being; which is

your most popular book- to which she answered: Run Rabbit Run.

She enjoys writing historically linked books because she likes going

places, meeting different people and finding out facts linked to the


We wanted to know how a writer creates a novel, so she described

her method as a car journey. It is alright to get side tracked and go

on a different roads, as long as you get back on the main track and

you head towards your destination.

Barbara explained she has always had dog because they make a good

companion. She has always had a dog in her books because they are

courageous and protective of the characters in her stories.

We had the opportunity to buy one of her books, which she

personally signed whilst talking to us individually.

To conclude, we thoroughly being involved in FBA and doing

exciting and enjoyable activities and we are thankful for Barbara

Mitchelhill’s visit.

Yours sincerely,

Kacie, Megan, Eden, Athena and Yasmin!