27th June 2018

Shall we start by talking about the weather?  Isn’t it lovely? But far too hot to be working I think we will all agree!  I drove to work this morning and it was 19 degrees at 7am.

It looks set to continue so don’t forget the hats, sun cream and water.  Children’s classroom water bottles should contain water only and we have many places around school for their bottles to be filled up throughout the day.


A few reminders and updates as we make our way towards the end of the summer term:

Summer fair – it’s Wear What You Want Day tomorrow.  Please bring a bottle (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) for our Water and Wine stall.  Please check the bottle contents are not out of date!  If you haven’t got a bottle, bring a pound.

Also, if anyone has any bottle bags they can donate, that would be appreciated.


Tomorrow is also ‘meet the teacher’ where the children will go to their new classrooms and meet their new teacher.  I’m delighted that we have Mrs Tabord and Mrs Batey with us on all three transition days so the children, staff and parents will be able to meet them properly.


You may have noticed some changes to the staff in the office over the last couple of weeks.  Mrs Heyes got a promotion so has left us but we are really pleased that we appointed Mrs Sharon Molloy who will be joining us from September.  In the meantime, we have Mrs Anforth as normal and Ms Garry in the office and on a Wednesday it’s me so no difficult questions on Wednesdays please!


The Fiver Challenge Marketplace

Groups of children in Year 5 have been working together over the last three weeks on a project to turn £5 into profit.  They have written business plans, designed adverts, budgeted for their businesses and bought products to help them make their ideas become saleable.  On Monday 2nd July these groups will be setting up a marketplace in the school hall for the children to visit and buy their products.  There will be slime, pancakes, cakes and other interesting things for the children to spend their money on!  Children can bring along some money to spend on the day – the products cost between 50p and £1.50.  The same groups will then set up after school on the Key Stage 2 playground on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th July to see if they can sell more.  Why not pop along and have a look?