Mrs Foster’s News

Phew what a couple of weeks we have had!

Well done to our Year 6 children who have completed their KS2 SATs tests this week in the warmest weather of the year so far.  Paula in the kitchen rewarded them with choc ices at break time yesterday and we’re currently cooking bacon and sausages for their Friday treat.

We are proud of all our children every single day, not just for these four days in May.



Last week was another busy one – we spent all four days interviewing for two teaching posts we have available in September.

Why you may ask…well our Whitefield family continues to grow with the great news that Miss Ashcroft is having a baby!  Due October.

And Mrs Halalat has secured a post to teach at the international school in Abu Dhabi and will be moving with her husband Tariq in August.

So in September, we will have Miss Caroline Moore and Mrs Kate Ginty joining our family.  The children will be meeting their new teachers after the half term holidays for transition days.


BIG WEEKEND NEWS – Penwortham Live has arrived!  I can’t believe it starts tonight.  It will be great to see you all on Friday and/or Saturday evening. We have some fab music lined up, with the Whitefield beer tent at the back of the school, and the Green Frog supplying the food. What more could you ask for!

Don’t forget your wristbands and your spends.


Well done to our parking committee who were out last night with Mrs Willers. A huge thanks from us for being so helpful and turning off your engines when asked.  The children did notice that someone they spoke to last time about turning their engine off was sat in their car with their engine idling – please do the right thing.

And can I reiterate that the space between the A-boards that are positioned outside school is not space to park in.  Also, you do not win a prize for being able to park as close to the A-board as you can without knocking it over…although I could have identified a winner on Wednesday morning.

It was noted by Mrs Willers the amount of dog mess around the external school pathways. Please clear up after your dog – there is a dog waste bin outside school. And if you are walking your dog, you should always have poo bags in your pocket.

In other news, I am reaching football fever pitch in preparations for the EFL Kids Cup Wembley final on Monday 27th May. The Fosters have got the caravan back from France and we are spending the first week of the holidays just outside London so that Milly and I can go to our first football match ever.  I now think there are no more newspapers, radio stations or tv programmes that Mr Keogh can be on to tell the world of our amazing football success!

Don’t forget, school closes on Friday 24th May, 3.30pm with BOLA open until 6pm.  We have TWO WEEKS off and return to school on Monday 10th June.