It was so lovely to see everyone last week at parents’ evening. Thank you to all those who put some ideas and feedback on the curriculum and eco-learning boards.


A couple of things that have been raised at our Lunch Time Staff meeting this week that I need to remind you of and ask for your help with:

Firstly, chocolate bars are not allowed in packed lunches. A chocolate biscuit for after their sandwich is fine but we have noticed more and more children bringing in bars of chocolate and sometimes more than one.

Also, please remember we are a nut free school. Some breakfast/snack bars do contain nuts so please check package ingredients before sending a bar to school.

Finally, it will come as no surprise that our children have no issue opening packaging when it has chocolate inside however a large number struggle to open other food packaging in their lunch boxes for example frube type yoghurts, crisp packets.  Please can you either help your child to open food packaging at home or make sure that they are able to open items in their lunch boxes.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Who or what is your strawberry?

As we run up to the half term, we have been talking in assembly and in more depth in Year 3 and 4 about how we can relax and take a break.  We have learnt about how strawberries are good for lifting our mood because they contain serotonin or as Niamh C in Year 3 put it ‘strawberries contain something that helps get rid of all the black feelings in your head’.

So we have been asking ourselves, if we don’t eat strawberries every day, who or what is our strawberry?  My strawberry is walking Monty, just me and him.  Mrs Brown in Y3 said her strawberry is reading a good book with a bag of crisps, preferably bacon fries. Mrs Briggs in Y3 said her strawberry was watching her boys play football.

So have a think…who or what is your strawberry?


Christmas plans are well underway for December! I don’t want to hear any ‘bah humbugs’ – we need to get organised and we LOVE it!

Production week dates for your diary:

Monday 9th December, 5.30pm Years 3 and 4 outdoor carol service at school

Tuesday 10th December, 2pm and 5.30pm Year 1 production at school

Wednesday 11th December, 2pm and 6pm Years 5 and 6 carol service at United Reform Church, Liverpool Road

Thursday 12th December, 2pm and 5.30pm Year 2 production at school

Sunday 15th December – choir at Jubilee Ministries Carol Service at school

Monday 16th December, 2pm and 5.30pm Reception Nativity at school

More information to follow in the Christmas Newsletter due out in November.


We finish school tomorrow for the half term break (3.30pm with BOLA open until 6pm).

We reopen on Monday 28th October 2019 at 8.50am with BOLA open from 7.30am).

For me, I get to experience the joy of having a 12 year old in high school who doesn’t finish for half term until Wednesday so I have two full days to stay in my jammies, watch movies, walk Monty and not clean out the loft as Mr F has suggested.

Whatever you do over the half term, enjoy it, find your strawberry and we will see you on the other side.