Dear Parents

A couple of reminders regarding the flexible drop offs and pick ups:

Thank you for all your positive comments regarding this. It really is impacting positively in so many ways, including traffic and parking outside school.

We will not open the school doors until 8.30am and we use our school clocks as our timers - these may not match up to the minute with your watch!

We are struggling in school with the 3 - 3.30 pick up so we need to put in a few procedures.

Firstly, we must ask you not to arrive at school prior to 3pm.  As soon as someone is standing outside the classroom, the children's concentration is lost and this does disrupt learning.

The class teachers are responsible for the children in the classroom up until 3.30 and must remain focused on them.  They are therefore unable to have extended conversations with you when you pick up your child.  If you do need to speak at length to the teacher, please follow the appointment process and contact school via

When your child is told by the class teacher that you are at the door, they must wash their hands before leaving.  We ask that you step back from the doorway and your child will come out to you once this task is completed.


Thank you so much for all your continued support during this time.