15 October 2013

Is it your child who is dropping food on the floor at lunch time? The catering assistants have to clean up tons of food every day, some unopened. The food that your children drop is paid for by you and it is going to waste.

Some people in Africa starve and are lucky to get some clean water and one meal a day, however, we take it for granted.

It is frustrating that people make a mess of the hall floor and it has to be cleaned more than once a day. The other reason we would like people to stop dropping food on the floor is because it takes off the polish and makes it dirty for when we have to do PE and have assemblies.

If it is your child who is dropping food on the floor, please explain why it is important not to do so. Thank you.

By:   Lydia Parker, Olivia Simm, Amy Norcross and Sarah Hooper-Moore from 5AH.