World Book Day

School will be taking part on Thursday 2nd March in World Book Day ............

2 March 2017

World Book Day –2017

Do you remember Multi-coloured Swap Shop?  On World Book Day Thursday 2nd March your children will be invited to take part in the first ever Whitefield Multi-coloured Book Swap!  All they need to do is choose a book that they have enjoyed (but are ready to swap with another child), fill in the book insert provided by school, stick it in the front of the book, swap the book for a token at school, collect a different book that has been donated by one of their friends and… enjoy! 

Obviously donated books need to be in good condition and come with a recommendation from the swapper.  Children may swap more than one book if they choose to – the more they bring, the more they can swap.

Please note - we are not dressing up for book day!