11th October 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been brought to my attention that comments have been made via a Facebook page and WhatsApp groups regarding my staff and some decisions that have been made in school, despite these being in line with our school policies.

I think a good old grump and a moan can be good for the soul sometimes, however when it gets personal about staff I have to draw the line.

Sometimes parents will not have all the information to hand to make an informed comment.  Social media is not the platform for this - one of the reasons many of you chose Whitefield Primary School for your child was because we are an open and welcoming school. We value your feedback and constructive dialogue and having an open door to families has always been our approach.

However sometimes you might not agree with the actions taken in school and if this is the case, please come and discuss your concerns with us.  At Whitefield we are proud of the fact that we work together with families and part of the home / school agreement is you giving your full support to actions taken within school regarding your child, be it behavioural, academic or social.

I love our Whitefield family, and I know those I mention above are in the significant minority, however please remember, we are human, we do have feelings and sometimes your words can hurt especially when they are misplaced.

Social media can be such a dangerous platform - once your words are out there they have been seen and even though they can be deleted, they can still leave a lasting footprint.

Please choose your words wisely.  We need to set the example to our children in all areas of life and part of that is to be positive users of social media.

Defamation and online harassment can become a legal issue and this will be the action of school should this be brought to our attention again.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

Mrs Sarah Foster