We have been tentatively dipping our toes in to Christmas in November and now, as the Aldi and John Lewis adverts are on the tele and we’re nearly at the end of Strictly, I think we can all start to get in to the Christmas spirit at Whitefield!


If you are new to Whitefield in Reception or throughout school, we love Christmastime at Whitefield and we have lots of activities and productions for you and your children.  All the information you need to know about the next four weeks in school are enclosed in this newsletter.


We always decorate our school for this period and this year we have chosen the book The Snowman and The Snowdog by Raymond Briggs as our corridor theme for Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3.  We have continued with the snowman theme for our hall decorations for Year 4, 5 and 6 with a twist of using recyclable items to produce our art work.

The Christmas trees are ordered and we should be ready to start our celebrations from Monday 2nd December.


It’s been lovely to have conversations with you about the gifts the children are asking Santa for this year. I need to continue to live my Christmas joy through some of you who have your girls asking for unicorns and sparkles – Milly is coming to the end of her 12th year and has stated ‘I still like unicorns mum but I don’t love them as much as I did so don’t get me loads of stuff like last year’.  B&M bargains will hit an all- time low profit this year now I can’t just ask Santa to nip in there.  She’s asked for airpods, which to us oldies are headphones. And anything that she can spray to make her smell nice.



I can’t wait to see you all at one or more of our many events over the coming weeks. I’ve pushed the boat out this year and have purchased three new tops to add to the Christmas outfit collection – this year’s jumper is very special!


So, get yourself settled down with a brew or a G&T, have a read and transfer all the dates to your diaries or electronic calendars.


Nativity, Christingle & Services


The timetable for our Christmas week in school is outlined below.


Grasshoppers Nursery Nativity is on Monday 9th December at 2pm in the school hall.


Reception - (Classes RLW, RCM)

are performing their Wriggly Nativity on Monday 16th December at 2pm and 5.30pm


Year 1 (Classes 1CG, 1JK)

are performing their Christingle Rock! production on Tuesday 10th December at 2pm and 5.30pm.


Year 2 (Classes 2SW, 2LN)

are performing A Miracle in Town on Thursday 12th December at 2pm and 5.30pm.


Year 3 and 4 (Classes 3HW, 3VK, 4AJ, 4HH)

are performing Carols by Candlelight on the infant playground outside the Year 2 classrooms on Monday 9th December at 5.30pm (bring your coats, scarves and gloves!)


Year 5 & 6 (Classes 5SK, 5SAS, 6SM, 6CG)

will host a carol service at the United Reform Church on Liverpool Road, Penwortham on Wednesday 11th December at 2pm and again at 6pm.



Each year group will receive a letter with further information on ticket requests. 

Grasshoppers Nursery will arrange the admission to their nativity.


Tickets are FREE however bring a pound to be in with a chance of winning one of Mrs Foster’s Luxury Hampers.


We expect that all children will attend the evening productions to celebrate the spirit of Christianity at our school and within our local community.  If you are experiencing difficulties in getting your child to an evening production, please see their class teacher.



MC900437565[1]Photography and Filming


Parents are reminded that photographs and video filming is permitted at all performances for personal use only – if pictures are posted on social media, please ensure you get permission from the parents of any other child who is in the photo.

There will always be time at the end of each performance to get some photographs of your children.









Collecting your children after the afternoon and evening performances


Once the performance is finished, you will have time with the children to take some photographs.


The children will need to change out of costumes prior to leaving so will be taken back to the classroom to change and you can relax and enjoy the Christmas music and a festive mince pie before collecting children from their respective classrooms. 





You will probably already be learning the songs your children will be singing during their performances.  Rehearsals will be taking place from next week and the dress rehearsal will take place the week before production week.  Class teachers will send a note home with your child if any special kind of clothing is required.




Christmas Mail


bs01340_Children like to be able to send Christmas cards to each other and to the teachers so we are going to use pupil post once again this year to deliver internal mail.  We will start collections and deliveries on Monday 4th December. 


Please ensure the envelope is filled in with the FULL NAME AND CLASS of the recipient before posting in our Christmas Mail Box.





Christmas Dinner


MC900439780[1]Christmas Dinner will be available to all children, with a vegetarian alternative, on Tuesday 17th December.  Those who normally take a school meal will automatically be counted.  Look out for information coming out next week on how to book a Christmas dinner even if you normally have packed lunch.  Children who choose to have a packed lunch will also join in with the festivities in the hall.  This is a great tradition where all the staff serve the children their meals, wearing appropriate headgear and accessories.  I have already chosen my outfit and festive earrings, expanding the ever growing Christmas wardrobe! And following their meal, we will all be having a movie treat.






Whitefield Christmas Choir – The 2019/20 Tour


Our choir tour plans are steaming ahead.

We are currently booked to perform on Sunday 15th December at Jubilee Ministries Carol Service held in the school hall at 10.45am.  More details will follow but if your child is in choir put this date in your diary!

We are also waiting for a couple of dates to come back from other local venues and will keep you posted on those as they come in.





All year groups will host a Christmas party in the afternoon during the last week of the term, where the children can play party games, dance, and have fun and eat lots of party food!


Whitefield Playgroup will be having their Christmas party on Friday 13th December from 2pm-3.15pm.  Come along with your children aged from birth to 4 and have a wonderful festive time with Val and the gang.  (Playgroup WILL NOT be held on Friday 20th December).


Grasshoppers Nursery will be having their party in the morning on Wednesday 18th December.


Reception and Years 1 & 2 will be having their parties the afternoon of Thursday 19th December.


Years 3 and 4 will be having their parties the afternoon of Wednesday 18th December.


Years 5 and 6 will be having their parties the afternoon of Friday 20th December.


The children can come in their party clothes for the whole day but make sure you have appropriate footwear for playtimes.





Secrets’ Room


The Secrets’ Room will be ‘open for business’ on Friday 13th December for children to choose a gift for the special member of their family.  These gifts will be sent home on Friday 13th for your child to put under the Christmas tree.  The Secrets’ Room is a ‘child only room’, filled with gifts suitable for children to purchase for members of their family.  These are bought and wrapped by Friends of Whitefield so your child can give you a present that you haven’t seen.  It is such a wonderful morning, seeing them choose for you all.


You will receive information from the Friends of Whitefield regarding the Secrets’ Room very soon.





Santa’s Visit


I have to write to Santa every year to see if he can fit in a visit to our school at such a busy time.  I have written to him already and he can’t confirm a date yet but has promised it will be in the week of 16th December.  He said he would love to visit the classrooms and deliver some special presents.  How exciting!  The Friends of Whitefield have very kindly donated some money to Santa so that he can buy some gifts for all the classes. Thanks FoW!



Snuggle Buggle Jumper Day – Salvation Army Christmas Toy Appeal


On Friday 6th December the children can all come to school snuggly buggly in their favourite jumper.  Following on from the success last year’s appeal, we are asking this year for a donation towards the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Appeal.  This can be a toy or gift for a child aged from birth to 16 or a selection box or bag of gold coins.

The Salvation Army particularly struggle to provide gifts for new-borns and for the 14-16 year old children.

All gifts are distributed to children in Preston and the surrounding area.



Wear What You Want Day


Wear What You Want Day is on Friday 29th November - please bring in an item for our luxury Christmas hampers which will be raffled at each production, or bring £1! 




The staff and I are looking forward to seeing you all at some point over the festive period. 



As always, we hope that you and your families enjoy Christmas at Whitefield and that you have a very merry and peaceful Christmas at home.





The children finish school at 3.30pm on Friday 20th December (BOLA will be from 3.30-6pm) and will return at 9am on Monday 6th January 2019 (BOLA will open at 7.30am).