We've been looking at hand washing today and addressing concerns that have been raised about some of the children's hands getting red and cracked.
The handwash used in school is very mild and sensitive - we changed our handwash provider at the beginning of the March lockdown as we knew we needed a more suitable wash.  
From discussions with staff, parents, the NHS and Lancashire H&S team, we feel the issue is around RINSING the hands and then DRYING PROPERLY.
We have spent so much time teaching the children to wash their hands properly and they are amazing at that.  So this week we will be focusing on rinsing our hands so all the handwash is rinsed off, a shake and a pat dry with a couple of paper towels, or however many is needed. Please can you reinforce this procedure at home.
Thank you to those of you who brought this to our attention - we are working really hard to ensure our children stay safe and our school stays open but if you see gaps or flaws in our plans and procedures, or a better way to do something, we need to know so we can address it asap.