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Mrs Foster's latests news 17.3.16

17 March 2016

Mrs Foster’s News 17.03.16


As you know I like a good moan about the weather, but what is going on at the moment – a fortnight ago I was posting pictures of snow at Whitefield and now we have this glorious spring sunshine! Am not complaining though, I love this time of year, especially when my favourite flowers, daffodils, start blooming.


Some great news to start the updates:  well done to Nathan Higham and to Jackson Hindle who won the Guitar Duet competition at the Penwortham Youth Music Festival on Monday night. Great job boys and you looked so cool!


A date for your diary: Thursday 24th March (the day before Good Friday) is going to be Wear What You Want Day and we would like to raise some money to help with our playground development project that is going to be starting at Easter with the tarmacking of the infant playground (‘at last’ I hear you all cry! Just wait until I tell you about the flooded path work we are getting done soon!). If everyone donates £1 and wears what they want, that’s £365 towards the project which would buy us a bench or a playground marking or two.  Plans are at final stages and we will post on the website as soon as they are ready.


I hope you all had a good parents evening this week – if you didn’t manage to get an appointment, don’t worry.  Please contact your class teacher via the school office and they will be happy to arrange an alternative time.  I hope messages were clear for you regarding our assessment system in school. I know for some of you in the juniors it has taken a few years to get used to the wording of levels and now that has all changed!  Please get in touch with me if you are unsure.


Finally, we are sending out further information regarding Scarlet Fever today.  We have had three confirmed cases in school so please read the letter coming out via email and on facebook.

Scarlet Fever letter